Delivering your restaurant to you!

How will  increase my restaurant's profits?


    OneCall Restaurant Delivery offers local restaurants the ability to significantly increase their overall sales volume by offering your product to an ever-increasing customer base - the delivery customer.


How will using OneCall benefit my restaurant? 

  OneCall Restaurant Delivery is based on a delivery model used in cities all over the country. This system has proven to be prosperous to both the delivery business and the restaurants. The most substantial benefit we provide is the ability to increase your sales. If you've ever used promotions such as 'buy one get one half off,'  'free dessert with purchase of entree,' etc. to produce a spike in sales, you've already employed the basic concept of our service - providing incentive to make sales that, without such incentive, would not be made.

  Using a multi-layered marketing strategy, we're able to reach into the homes and offices of countless new customers. This includes newspaper advertisements, multiple station radio spots, and a regularly updated menu guide distributed to thousands of consumers in the delivery area. Many greater Bangor residents are already familiar with this service and are excited about it's return!


What does this service cost?

   OneCall Restaurant Delivery requires a discount on the orders we deliver, while maintaining your menu prices in our guide. This is easily balanced against the costs to prepare and serve a dine-in meal, as well as the operational expenses of internal delivery. In fact, we're creating a revenue that otherwise wouldn't exist.

      It's important to understand that targeting your current customers is not our focus. At OneCall, we find the 'let's get something delivered' customers. These customers start their decision of what to eat with which restaurants deliver. Unless you provide this option, these become someone else's customers.


Why choose this over other delivery options?

    At OneCall Restaurant Delivery, we have experience with this model, knowledge of the delivery area, and a strong priority on customer service. Our fully staffed office and delivery team understands the importance of professionalism when representing your business. We have all the necessary equipment to ensure that orders are managed efficiently and arrive at the customer's home or office in the appropriate condition.

    OneCall is the only local restaurant delivery service committed to bringing you new customers. We expect our relationship will continue based on success and therefore require no contract to lock you in. If you're interested in having your product reach a much broader pool of consumers, we look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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